The Dermatology department of Cosmoshealth polyclinic covers a wide range of medical needs in the field of clinical dermatology, venereology, interventional dermatology and pediatric dermatology.

Clinical dermatology

Clinical dermatology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, mucous membranes and their components, namely nails, hair, sebaceous and sweat glands. Diseases, which may be due to infections by viruses, germs and fungi, hereditary causes, immune system disorders, psychological or environmental factors too. Clinical dermatology examination includes: moles’ Mapping / Dermatoscopy, (Human Papilloma Virus) HPV infection, Alopecia, Hair Loss, Psoriasis, Acne, Fungal infections, Onychomycosis, Discoloration / melasma, Cold Sore, Zoster herpes, Photosensitivity, Skin- Cancer, dandruff.


Venereology is the branch of medicine that deals with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These diseases are transmitted mainly through sexual contact. However, these diseases can also occur through contact with the blood and biological fluids of a person who is ill as well as during childbirth. Venereology treats Pathological conditions such as: Warts, Molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV) infection, Genital herpes (HSV), Valanoposthitis, Gonorrhea, Syphilis.

Dermatological surgery

Dermato-surgical interventions deal with the surgical removal of various skin lesions using local anesthesia. In this context, lesions such as nevi (moles), xanthelasmas, syringomas, amygotogenic adenomas, pyogenic granuloma, papillomas, neurofibromas, etc. can be removed.

Pediatric dermatology

Special emphasis and care is given to dermatological diseases that occur in children of all ages. Many skin conditions in children differ from those in adults because children’s skin reacts differently, and in addition there are some skin conditions that occur only in childhood. In Cosmoshealth polyclinic pediatric pathological conditions examined are : Birthmarks, atopic dermatitis, nevi (moles), warts, lice, acne (neonatal-child-adolescent), infectious warts, and effects due to prolonged exposure of children to sunlight, etc.