COSMOSHEALTH implements and develops a multidimensional corporate social responsibility program, aiming to actively contribute to society wellbeing and the protection of the environment, always keeping in focus the human being.

Stand by the Patient in the Era of COVID

COSMOSHEALTH polyclinics operated and operate as Covid-Free facilities, preserving the health of residents and visitors to the islands who did not suffer from COVID-19 but still had various other health issues.

Cosmoshealth in the Covid and post- Covid era

COSMOSHEALTH polyclinic stood by the side of the islanders uninterruptedly throughout the quarantine period with protocols that ensured Covid-Free operation, serving the residents and visitors of the islands, as well as emergencies. COSMOSHEALTH polyclinics supported the Hoteliers of Skopelos and Alonissos, given the current hotel operating regulations according to HEALTH PROTOCOLS legislation of Ministry of Greek Tourism as issued for the summer seasons (years 2020-2021 -2022).

Social welfare activities

Cosmoshealth polyclinic organizes and participates in a series of actions and activities that serve and promote the aims of the social welfare policy.