Neurology is the medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system that in everyday life may be indicated by symptoms such as reduced mobility and gait instability, tremor and numbness of the upper and lower extremities, progressive memory loss, headache, muscle weakness, impaired mental functions, senile dementia, etc.

Examinations performed:

Neurological examination:

  • Clinical examination of the patient for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases (dementia and related disorders of memory
  • (MS)Multiple sclerosis syndrome.
  • Vascular strokes.
  • Migraine – headache.
  • Epilepsy and epileptic syndromes.
  • Parkinson’s disease and related motor disorders.
  • Myasthenia – muscle diseases.
  • Polyneuropathy, mononeuritis, polyneuritis, trapping neuritis.
  • Issuance of referrals/prescriptions for neurological medication and further diagnostic examinations

Electromyogram (EMG) :

  • examination for muscle weakness, limb anemia (numbness), trapping neuritis (eg carpal tunnel syndrome), back pain, sciatica, neuropathic pain and other muscle diseases.