In the Orthopedics department  of Cosmoshealth polyclinic, cases of clinical and surgical orthopedics are served, such as meniscus rupture, nerve injuries, back pain, sciatica, cervical syndrome, traumas, osteoarthritis, fractures, bone dislocations, etc .

More specifically:

  • Clinical orthopedic examination
  • Fracture repair (reduction, placement of synthetic plaster cast)
  • Osteoporosis assessment and treatment
  • Trauma / bruises care
  • Hematoma treatment
  • Knee/joint puncture and fluid drainage/removal
  • Removal of foreign bodies from injured tissues
  • Intra-articular treatments with injections of modern biotechnology fluids
  • Treatment of ingrown nail (onychocryptosis) with onychotomy.
  • Urgent orthopedic cases (accidents) support
  • Diagnosis of soft tissue injuries by ultrasound
  • Documentation of fractures and other bone injuries with X-rays.
  • Referrals for physiotherapy and further diagnostic tests (eg MRI scans etc)