Two fully equipped & modern polyclinic premises in Skopelos.



Our two main goals are to provide the best possible service and medical coverage to both permanent residents of the island and summer visitors who will choose it for their holidays.



The three pillars of our operation are the experienced and specialized medical and paramedical staff,  our professionalism and our human respect for the unique needs of each patient.

We don't just focus on the symptoms - we look for the causes in order to find a definitive cure

In our webpage you will learn how Cosmoshealth polyclinic contributes in Skopelos residents’ and visitors’ health improvement and how you may find solution in medical issues you may encounter.

Book an appointment with us today! Our medical and paramedics staff will be happy serving you and providing answers to all your questions!

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Departments - Medical Services

Medical Care

Departments - Medical Services

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We want to provide the best possible service to both residents and visitors who choose the beautiful island of Skopelos.
What are the working hours?

Summer season opening hours:

Οpen daily: 08:00 AM – 21:00 PM


In any case, we answer the phones whenever you need us:

+30 2424024500+30 2424023837.

Is there a contract with the Greek State funds?

At COSMOSHEALTH polyclinic, all cooperating doctors prescribe and provide referrals normally with the social security number of each insured person.

The examinations performed by the doctors and the radiology department are charged privately (there is no contract with EOPYY).

Is there a contract with private insurance companies?

Since  COSMOSHEALTH Polyclinic serves a large number of foreign tourists every Summer, it has concluded contracts with major insurance companies and travel insurance companies abroad (e.g. Europe Assistance, Allianz/Mondial, AXA etc.), under which the visitor covered accordingly, can be served without being charged directly. Also for all those who have private Health/Life/Travel insurance , they can do the required examinations on payment and then with our proof of service and medical report they can be reimbursed the amount charged.

If I need an ambulance, how can you cover me?

COSMOSHEALTH polyclinic cooperates with reputable air ambulance companies that serve the cases that will arise from the heliport of Skopelos. In case a private sea ambulance is required, the polyclinic cooperates with high-speed vessels licensed by the Greek state for sea ambulances.The choice of sea or air is made taking into account the particularities of each case and the weather conditions as well.

If I need hospitalisation, how can you cover me?

COSMOSHEALTH Polyclinic has entered into a cooperation with the largest Private Nursing Institution of the wider region, IASO THESSALIA. IASO THESSALIA is a complete Hospital and Clinic with state-of-the-art facilities and high-tech equipment where with the care of experienced and qualified medical staff you can feel safe that you will receive the best medical and nursing services. For more information about the partner hospital IASO THESSALIA , you can see at the link: https://www.iaso.gr/thessalias

If I need a home medical examination, will you cover me?

All our doctors perform home medical examinations , on a case by case basis and if no special equipment is required for the management of the case. The medical visit takes place at your place of residence ( home, hotel or watercraft) after timely scheduling and consultation.

Do you provide home nursing services?

COSMOSHEALTH polyclinic provides home nursing services after timely scheduling and consultation.