Every person can have increased nursing care needs at some time in their life, regardless of age. But as a person’s age increases, or when someone suffers from a chronic illness or injury, it is very likely that they will need nursing care at home, even on a daily basis.

The private Cosmoshealth polyclinic has specialized nursing staff and can responsibly guarantee the immediate provision of nursing services at home on the island of Skopelos, without any  inconvenience or the need to move the person who needs care.

Home nursing comes to improve the quality of life and provide responsible, specialized care to your loved ones through a wide range of home care nursing services, either as individual process or on monthly base home care packages.

To whom is it addressed?

It is addressed to women and men of all ages who need the home nursing care, but mainly in elderly people, who due to existing conditions they cannot have proper care and help from their relatives.

It is addressed to people who due to financial and other objectives criteria are not eligible to participate in the Help at Home State/Municipality program.

The cost of the Home Nursing program is affordable for everyone and the monthly packages are configured according to your specific needs. All the charges include the cost of consumables, except from the medication/drugs and the specialized medical supplies.

How will it be implemented?

It will be implemented by a certified Nurse, Monday to Friday, at pre-agreed times by appointment. The nurse will take care of the nursing needs, personal cleaning routine, feeding of the person, etc., and will be equipped with all necessary instruments, medical supplies and consumables.

Our highest concern is the holistic approach of a good quality of life, maintaining direct communication / feedback with the relatives and with the attending physician.

What home nursing care services will be provided?

Home nursing services to be provided as an individual processes or based on the configurable monthly packages. The are resented in the following list :

  • Wound care
  • Care of pressure ulcers/ bed sores
  • Vaccination (flu, pneumococcal)
  • IV therapy placement and monitoring (after doctor’s guidance)
  • IV medication administration (after doctor’s guidance)
  • Blood Sugar level measurement and insulin administration
  • Urinary catheter placement (in women)
  • Removal of bladder catheter
  • Intermittent catheterization (in women)
  • Vital parameters check (blood pressure, oxymetry, temperature, heart rate)
  • Enema administration
  • Intramuscular / subcutaneous injections
  • Blood sample collection (and delivery to laboratory)
  • Urine sample collection
  • Local cleaning (diaper changing)
  • Complete body cleaning care (bath on bed and change of bed linen)
  • Levin feeding
  • Administration of parenteral feeding
  • Control of daily drugs intake


Also we offer on a monthly basis the recommended Basic home care & Advanced packages.  Home care is aimed to comfort those who have constant nursing needs and assistance due to increased medical / mobility problems. The monthly packages are created based on the particular care needs.

How is the planning done?

For the planning, come to discuss your particular needs in person or your loved one and we will offer you the best home care  plan. We will be happy to help you!

The initial consultation takes place exclusively at the polyclinic Tel.2424024500.

A home nursing care program is the best gift for your loved ones.

Home care in most cases is not a luxury but a daily need.