The Ophthalmology department of Cosmoshealth polyclinic is equipped with the most modern diagnostic ophthalmic machines which enable the examination to become an easy-fast and patient-friendly procedur, always aiming at the ophthalmic health of adults and children:

  • Automatic Refractometer / Keratometer
  • LED Slit Lamp – x5 magnification
  • Electric lifting table
  • Digital Chart projector ELITE 24’’ for vision tests
  • Complete set (256pcs) of trial lens
  • Trial frames suitable for children too

The examinations and the operations that are carried out are the following:

  • Measurement of visual acuity & color perception
  • Refractive Test (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia) and for children too
  • Fundoscopy
  • Slit lamp examinations
  • Tonometry (measurement of ophthalmic pressure)
  • Cataract examination
  • Glaucoma examination
  • Optical fields
  • Issuance of Ophthalmologist declaration for certificates / driving / working license, etc
  • Referrals and prescriptions for eye glasses
  • Detection and surgical removal of a foreign body from the eye
  • Surgical treatment of obstruction of the lacrimal drainage